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February 24, 2010



Great list Shannon...lots of similarities there...not all, but some. :) I love that you had to have 50 things on your list...that just cracked me up. lol

Shannon Bogan

Well, I ended at 43 originally and that just bothered me so I had to round it out. Again just me and my quirks! ;) LOL

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Love the list. I am going to have to think of this.


thanks for the giggles. loved how you said "is confident" followed by "is insecure"....thanks for sharing! i love this idea! great for a scrap page...hmmmm

Cathy In Chicago

I had to count them out to make sure that there were 50!!

If I was your BFF, I'd tell you to back of the DP and you wouldn't belch so much but if you were my BFF you would tell me to buy Beano, so we would be even!! : )


Great list! TFS.

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