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June 20, 2010


Heidi Myers

Good luck! I'm eager to know if it works out...if you're able to completely unplug. I would love to give that a try sometime, too. Hope you get LOTS done!!!! Have fun while you're at it!!!


Good luck, Shannon! I've put some time limits on my online time lately but I don't think I could do a whole week! Although, I do that every year when I'm on vacation and it's wonderful! lol

Nikki Brewer

great! i have had the same thoughts...i had scaled down my forums i am on....i have NO time to scrap anymore so I haven't been on scrapfreak in a while...i miss it! I have been focusing on blogging...seems like i get to hear a little bit from everybody that way..
I hope you enjoy unplugging...i have put limits on my online time..i want to enjoy technology..i don't want it to control me!
Once it starts taking up your prayer time...that is called idoltry!

Marsha Vance

You go girl! I'm on an organizing/cleaning spree too. Hope you get alot done.

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