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September 12, 2011



a couple of crackhead hookas...i say! :D

Shannon Bogan

So it that our next tat??? LOL

Jessica Barnett

I love the tattoo and the piercing! I'm jealous because they're fab! :)

Diana Fisher

Great write-up about the meaning. And yes, you are someone special. At least I think you are! That's the same place (inside left arm) that I want my third tattoo. Soon, I hope. Love the nose ring, too!


awww wow, i need a tissue now.great write up & now u have how many tattoos lol? i have one,wanting to get 3 more...only to the fact every single one has a story behind it..i just gotta get my big girl panties on & do it. maybe saving the biggest,painfullest ( is that a word?) for last cos i'm a wuss LOL. you are totally special & don't let anyone else tell u that you aren't !!


You are too cute...and I love the meanings behind your tattoo! As far as your photography goes, I think you're amazing. Amazing. Don't ever think you're not. But I understand not having confidence - I rarely do with myself even when people say positive things. Go for it!!

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